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Medest | Mexico medical Exhibition


——Medest | Mexico medical Exhibition  ——

Time: June 5 - June 7, 2019
Address: Mexico City

Booth No.: maya2207

Exhibition area: 30000 square meters




        Expomed will be held in Mexico City and will radiate throughout North America and Latin America North America and Latin America It is a professional and comprehensive medical exhibition with strong strength in Mexico. It is also the only professional medical and health personnel business forum in Mexico. This exhibition is held once a year.

Exhibition site customer experience new wheelchair


          The exhibition will bring together medical businessmen from all over the world, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other visitors, to provide a professional sales platform for exhibitors, and a professional medical team will discuss hot topics such as medical technology, disease prevention and protection, medical care and rehabilitation in the international business forum.

        It is understood that purchasing managers of major medical companies, public health institutions and private medical professionals, entrepreneurs and owners of chain drugstores, as well as members of relevant educational institutions, associations and medical associations, will come to this international exhibition. The exhibition provides a professional business platform for exhibitors, which is definitely one of the highlights that exhibitors can not miss in the new year.


Medest's products at the exhibition include:                                 


Wheelchair series (electric, manual), atomizer series( Hand held, portable )Etc



Live broadcast

If you want to say how this exhibition is, whether it's brilliant or not, and who are the customers,


A wave of rich scene pictures~

The marketing staff and customers are negotiating and cooperating

The marketing staff and customers are negotiating and cooperating

The marketing staff and customers explain the products

Customers experience medest wheelchair

The marketing staff reach an agreement with customers and take a group photo as a souvenir

A group photo of marketing staff and customers


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Online consultation
Retail business

nineteen billion eight hundred and sixty-eight million eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand three hundred and eighty-eight

Batch business

seventeen billion three hundred and thirty-one million three hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-three

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