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                                                                                                               —— Dialogue with Liu Zhihao, chairman of medest brand group
        Mr. Liu Zhihao, chairman of Hebei ruilangde medical equipment Technology Group Co., Ltd., is an outstanding young entrepreneur in Hengshui City, executive vice president of Jingxian young entrepreneur association, and vice president of Hebei Alumni Association of Xijing university. The chairman of the board is full of excitement
The enterprisers of love not only dare to venture and dare to do, but also think deeply; From the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, the chairman of the board of directors has formulated the development direction of "innovation for development, science and technology to help take off", leading the enterprise from an outsider in the industry to a leader in market segmentation.

        After decades of development, the chairman deeply felt that although we have made some achievements, there is still a big gap between the advanced level at home and abroad in terms of production technology, technology research and development, and management level. In order to narrow the gap, the chairman and the core management of the company decided to invest in the construction of North China smart health technology industrial park; The chairman of the board personally served as the project leader. He worked hard for the construction of the project! With the efforts of the chairman and everyone, the industrial park was put into operation in only one year, and the construction speed was highly praised by city and county leaders.

        With the Industrial Park put into operation and achieved the effect, while improving the product quality and process level, it also won a number of Honors: Hebei rehabilitation aids application demonstration unit, high-tech enterprises, science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, the first prize of manufacturing industry in the fourth innovation and entrepreneurship competition of Hebei Province, the transformation and upgrading demonstration unit of Jingxian County, the member unit of rehabilitation assistive devices in China Hebei welfare foundation for the disabled, caring enterprises, etc.

        In front of so many honors, the chairman of the board often warned us: we should guard against arrogance and rashness, do not stop the pace of development, and make concerted efforts to build the industrial park into a comprehensive intelligent health care industrial base with the direction of intelligent health care, integrating the research and development of health care products, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, platform construction and service management. To form an industrial base with unique regional characteristics of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and continuously improve in the process of development, build a demonstration base of smart health care application radiating the whole country, and promote the production and manufacturing level of rehabilitation aids and medical devices in the whole Hebei Province.

        We're all dreamers. We're all on the road.


Liu Zhihao, chairman of medest brand group


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