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Building a strong brand of "medest"

Leading the development of nursing bed industry
                                                —— Nursing bed project department

    At present, the R & D work of medest brand nursing bed is mainly divided into two directions: one direction is new product development, including appearance design and mechanical structure design. At present, the appearance design mainly focuses on the household style. Aiming at the uniform medical style in the market, it is necessary to create warm and warm products to improve the brand identification.

(home care bed)


(introduction of automation equipment)

    The other direction is process improvement and improvement, mainly aiming at the existing models, improving the drawing process flow, and rectifying the situation of welding, assembly, packaging, logistics, after-sales and other links. Therefore, this work requires the cooperation of multiple departments of the company. In this nursing bed project department, we hope that all departments find problems and put forward problems. We will sort them out and give feedback as soon as possible. Let's work together to create a better future for medest!

Integrity, professionalism and quality
                                         —— Wheelchair project department

    Through years of accumulation, the company has continuously cultivated the wheelchair plate, and the wheelchair project product line is gradually enriched. Manual wheelchairs with independent intellectual property rights include 116 series, 117 simplified series, 117 standard configuration series, 119, T3, 113, etc., and electric wheelchairs series include 6009 series, 6024 series, etc. Through continuous integration of high-quality resources, there are currently 6 OEM OEM manufacturers to provide product support for our company. In the past six months, the group company has increased the self production of wheelchair projects, and has successively established two wheelchair branches in dafenglin plant area and Miaozhen new plant area. We will continue to uphold the concept of quality is life, strictly control quality, and actively expand domestic and foreign offline business while expanding online business. In the future competition, the wheelchair project department will surely accumulate and work together!

(wheelchair sample)

Novel, unique and reliable
                                                —— SDU atomizer project

    2019 company officially entered the field of medical atomizer. At present, the products are mainly divided into three types: 220 V atomizer, portable atomizer and hand-held atomizer. The new atomizer products have a strong response in the CMEF Shanghai Exhibition. Whether it is a sense of science and technology, a novel appearance, a portable, anytime and anywhere atomization lithium compression atomizer design scheme, or a face close fitting, no pressure feeling, anti allergy, ingenious structure of the silicone mask, are praised by the outside world, and stand out among many products. Medest compression atomizer technology is in the leading position in China, small and portable, can be easily put into the bag to carry, convenient for travel storage; It is no longer limited by the power supply and can be easily atomized anytime and anywhere. The new type of micro mesh atomizer does not block the hole, and the number of atomized particles is stable.


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Batch business

seventeen billion three hundred and thirty-one million three hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-three

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