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How to choose wheelchair from professional point of view

(medest group headquarters)

    In order to enhance the professionalism of the company's foreign trade department personnel on products and better serve customers, the company's entire foreign trade team went deep into the first-line production workshop, and under the guidance of general manager Fang Zhongwei, the wheelchair project products were studied. During the whole learning process, everyone paid attention to the details, production process and process production, At the same time, the problems in each link were asked on the spot and how to help customers choose wheelchairs better.
    Wheelchair can be divided into four categories from structure and function: one is soft cushion; The second is hard seat cushion; Third, high back wheelchair; Fourth, there are some special functions of wheelchair, such as: with a small movable table, with a toilet, can be put flat as a simple bed and so on. There are many functions in wheelchair design, but these functions can not be reflected in the same wheelchair at the same time. Users should choose according to their own needs.  
    Generally, it is only used as a walking tool to choose a folding and portable wheelchair. It can be put into the trunk of the car, and can be carried upstairs conveniently, occupying less space when not in use.
    For special users, if only one hand or only one hand can drive the wheelchair, the wheelchair with only one hand can drive two wheels at the same time. Otherwise, the ordinary wheelchair can only be rotated in place when there is no nursing staff.
    Wheelchair is an important tool for the rehabilitation of patients, a walking tool for the disabled of lower limbs, and a lifelong walking tool for patients with spinal cord injury. More importantly, it enables them to exercise and participate in social activities with the help of wheelchair. Wheelchair is divided into ordinary wheelchair, electric wheelchair and special wheelchair. There are standing wheelchair, lying wheelchair, unilateral driving wheelchair, competitive wheelchair and so on.

 ( Wheelchair samples)

How to purchase wheelchair for the first time?

    1. Wheel touchdown. When the user drives and walks autonomously, whether it is pressing a small stone or crossing a small ridge, other wheels will not be suspended, causing out of control or sudden steering.
    2. Stability of statement. When the user wants to climb the ramp or drive across the ramp independently, it is not allowed to overturn on the back, buckle down the pocket or overturn horizontally.
    3. Standing wave performance. When the nursing staff pushed the patient to the slope and brake the brake, the wheelchair could not slide or roll over when leaving.
    4. Sliding offset. Deviation means that the configuration is unbalanced, and the deviation from the zero line within the inspection track of 2.5 degrees should be less than 35cm.
    5. Minimum radius of gyration. Make 360 degree bidirectional rotation on the horizontal test surface, which shall not be greater than 0.85m.
    6. Minimum commutation width. The wheelchair can be rotated 180 degrees in one step, and the minimum channel width shall not be greater than 1.5 meters.
    7. The width, length, height of the seat, the height of the back and the height of the armrest should be suitable for your own products.
    8. Other auxiliary parts, such as shock proof device, arm rest and wheelchair table.

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