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Pre sales customer service
Job responsibilities:  
1. Use online chat tools such as wangwang.dongdong to answer customers' questions, guide customers to buy goods and facilitate transactions.  
2. Be familiar with the operation rules of each platform, solve pre-sale problems for customers and provide services.  

Job requirements:  
1. Familiar with the use of online communication tools, familiar with the online transaction process, fast typing.  
2. Treat work actively and seriously, have a sense of responsibility, and have the ability to deal with emergencies independently.  
3. Have good communication skills, be honest and patient, and be able to provide smiling service for customers.  
4. Relevant working experience is preferred.  

Salary and benefits:    Basic salary + performance pay + performance commission     +   Irregular post subsidy

Channel Commissioner

Job responsibilities:  
1. Find customers through CRM database resources, various network resources and local resources provided by the company.  
2. Familiar with the work flow of channel salesman and have the basic quality of salesman.  

Job requirements:  
1. Men are required;  
2. Have driver's license and can drive. Those who have car are preferred to be employed;  
3. Strong communication skills, relevant working experience is preferred;  
4. Have a strong desire for success   , And patient and careful   。 

Basic salary + performance salary + commission + insurance + sunday single rest + holidays

Foreign trade commissioner

1. College degree or above, good English listening, speaking, reading and writing, English major or international economics and trade major is preferred;  
2. Understand international trade knowledge and export process;  
3. Be self-motivated and team spirit, have a positive learning attitude, love the post, bear hardships and stand hard work, without glass heart, you will not be arrogant  
Looking forward to working with you to create a better future for medest!  
Working hours: 8 hours      
Basic salary + performance salary + performance commission + sunday single leave + insurance  

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Online consultation
Retail business

nineteen billion eight hundred and sixty-eight million eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand three hundred and eighty-eight

Batch business

seventeen billion three hundred and thirty-one million three hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-three

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